The Launch Of CRASH Bag By Brooklyn Industry

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Brooklyn Industries, known as the leading company which provides the innovative and creative clothes and apparels now is going to announce and unveil its first special edition handbag with a series of every season. Brooklyn Industries will make a change and big impact through its special edition in Spring 2012. The first debut of the Spring 2012 collection fashion presentation will give an opportunity to all people and customers to access the official handbag collection in the store.

The hand painted handbag which is created and designed in Brooklyn, New York and is purposed to reflect and show the theme which presents and displays the J.G. Ballard’s 1979 novel, Crash. The bag also represents the twisted metal remnants of a highway crash. With the high quality materials and through the fusion of the fashion and eroticism elements and by putting the modernity styles and effects have made the handbag unique and different with the other.

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